Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beginning of Summer - Outfit Post

Honestly, I've been on break for a few weeks now but it's just starting to feel like summer. I'm excited for summer. I have high hopes to clean my room, eat a better diet and to get some modeling done. I'm also hoping that this summer will be just what my relationship needs.
Flyboy and I were talking about going to Utah for a summer trip. It would probably be just a weekend trip and it would be to visit my friend Rita. I hope they have good hiking trails in Utah, I can't imagine much to do there but I'm sure it will be relaxing.
I started running again today and thank goodness. I need to get back into shape. I've got a bit of a belly to lose if I want to be serious about modeling. That and it feels nice to exercise, especially after being sick.
I hoping to become an official Suicide Girl Hopeful and to get a Model Mayhem page on the way. By the way, hopeful means I am not officially a Suicide Girl but that I want to be and can be.
Anyways, here's an outfit post of me being my usual dark pin up self.

 Sorry but this is the only full length picture

 Not bad for a thrift find, eh?

  • Dress- $5 at a thrift store
  • lipstick is by MAC and I am not sure about the shade

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